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I saw him at 5AM, sitting in the parking lot, hunched over crying. We called his dad up and he came and picked him up, the guy ended up taking a leave from his residency. Hope he gets back on his feet, he will make an amazing physician. Why do awful people always take advantage of the sweetest ones? I hope that dude finds a woman who appreciates his thoughtfulness.

On family vacation, I picked up his phone because I was bored and the kids were playing on mine.

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Saw a message to some girl describing the sex he and I had the night before. Spent the rest of the vacation fighting via text while trying and failing to act normal. Friend of mine was hanging out with some guys at a bar and went home to chill with them.

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He asked how they knew my girlfriend at the time realized she was a mutual friend at the bar. Guy said she was fuck buddies with his friend. My friend was confused and mentioned she was the girlfriend of a friend of his me to which his response was "Oh, I hope you're not good enough of friends to have to tell him. Had a really close group of friends who would always prank each other.

One of my mates found out the Facebook password of another, so while on Skype the whole call - included myself, logged into his Facebook account being 7 people to make a stupid status. At the same time my partner of 5 years was messaging him on Facebook about how good sex was last night and about meeting up again.

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College girlfriend and we lived together for a year after I realized she would always have her phone on silent or just plain ignore calls from "Jennifer. It ends up being her other boyfriend who she had never broken up with before she came to college. Neither of us knew about each other and she had being visiting him when she went home to see her parents on some weekends and breaks.

Broke up soon after and her mom said that sometimes you just have to accept things and how I owed her an apology for breaking up with her. It gets worse but that was the gist. Walked in on my girlfriend while she was having sex with another guy. I ended up not working today and wanted to surprise you.

Mt St Augustine erupted in Alaska in I packed up and filed for divorce the next day. The color drained from his face, and he started stammering as I walked out of the room. I went home early one day to surprise my husband, and I walked in on him and our marriage counselor going at it — in our bed, while she wore my favorite pair of boots.

Turns out, my cancer was caused by HPV. It was 1 a. He had given me his phone for directions, and while I was looking at it for directions, his other girl was texting him nonstop. I snooped and found texts, pictures, videos, and phone calls. I confronted him when we got to the hotel, but he wouldn't admit it. I grabbed my bags, booked a flight, and was home within the next four hours. I blocked him and never spoke to him again.

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When I confronted him, he got angry at me for listening to my own voicemail and then insisted that I didn't hear what I heard. Shortly after we broke up, she had a new boyfriend. Less than a year later, she posted a one-year anniversary picture of them on Instagram. We were still together a year ago that day. So, I texted my boyfriend to see if he wanted to go out, and he said he was staying in with his family that night. Later that night, I was dropping my sister off at soccer practice and had to drive by my boyfriend's house to get there.

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I saw my friend's car in his driveway. I texted my boyfriend's sister to see if she was there, and she told me that my friend and my boyfriend had gone to the movies together. I quickly made a profile so I could view his, and I saw that it was littered with pictures of him having sex with another woman. He had the nerve to say it wasn't him, so I messaged the girl and she confirmed everything. Only then did he come clean.

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I went upstairs to ask them to keep it down and discovered my boyfriend with my neighbor. Super awkward moment. He lied his way out of it, but I decided to give him a chance.

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A month later, I found the girl's Instagram profile with photos of my boyfriend. We dated for six months and backpacked around three separate countries together.